CAM2P™ For Mega Projects

A Practical Method for Leading Large and Complex Projects to Success

Realistic simulation of a mega project, combining a project life cycle method with PMBOK® Guide process groups

CAM2P™ For Mega Projects (A Practical Method for Leading Large and Complex Projects to Success)The Book

This book presents vital project management concepts and detailed simulation of a hypothetical but realistic project. It balances concepts with their practical application on the sample project. The book covers all of the project phases and stages on the Project Life Span including numerous other topics, such as planning, control, change management, best practices, benefits realization, and the four dimensions for measuring success.

The Project

The Integrated City Project can be considered as a program rather than a project. However, for the purpose of this book the author treats it as a mega (large & complex) project. ICP is not a real project but a simulation of a realistic project.

The Simulation

The project simulation is per the SUKAD Way™ approach, specifically, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™). However, the model is tailored – customized and adapted to fit the context of the project. Since this is a large & complex project, the book presents how to apply the Project Life Span methodology while incorporating the PMBOK® Guide processes at every project stage.