Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile | Foreword

Projects are synonymous with advancement. The growth and development of human advancement throughout the ages would not have been possible without them. Leading organizations understand the importance of projects and even more so how to effectively manage them. In the same way that upstarts and disruptors can change an industry,
a well-managed project can be the catalyst for organizational success well into the future.

As products and services evolve with the times to be more effi cient, faster, and sustainable, approaches to project management have largely remained the same.

I had the great pleasure to collaborate with SUKAD founder Mounir Ajam in 2014. His insights into the diverse approaches and standards that are used around the world and the
work that was put into The SUKAD Way™ was incredible. SUKAD pushes the envelope on learning, development, frameworks, and models to ensure that the management of projects is sensible and most importantly leads to positive results.

In this latest book, Mounir has dived even deeper into organizational project management systems with the latest and more comprehensive CAMMP™ Model. I have always been of the mind that a project manager should be versed in many models so that the approach can be custom fit to the project, and CAMMP™ is one that should be a staple.

This book goes beyond the paint by numbers approach, transcending the “how” of project management to the “what” and “why,” which is critical for leaders of change.

— Dr. Joel B. Carboni
President and Founder, GPM Global
President, IPMA-USA