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Learning a project management methodology
Applying the learning on a community project

Project Management FoundationOverview

"Built around a captivating storyline set in a dynamic region of the world, this lively book takes an interesting project from concept, through various phases of development and delivery, all the way to operational readiness and project close. Along the way, it gradually covers relevant concepts building them into a cohesive framework and allowing the reader to gain insights into managing project work step-by-step.

This excellent book provides relevant examples and applications of essential tools and techniques of Project Management. The book balances professional rigor and human interest to provide a sound approach to effective Project Management within a vivid storyline." Professor Frank Anbari This book explains the foundational elements for managing projects. It provides an overview of a project management methodology that is proved and aligns with global leading practices and standards.

The style the author uses encourage those who never managed a project to learn and acquire skills. It is also highly practical and useful even for those experienced project managers.

About the Author

The author is a seasoned executive, speaker, author, and consultant. He is a project management thought leader with a career spanning close to three decades, working on projects and with organizations in North America, Europe, Africa, South East Asia, and West Asia. He has worked on a variety of projects from small and multiple projects to mega projects. He is a serial entrepreneur and active volunteer leaders, with a passion for project management and global community development!